Kasoa, a den of criminals, in a very dangerous residential area

Kasoa, a den of criminals, in a very Dangerous Residential Area Kasoa is an urban town in the Awutu Senya East municipal district in the Central Region. Kasoa was formerly known as Odupongkpehe, the second largest town in the district...

Has anyone heard about 'Ground Rent Tax'?

I have a property at Tantra Hills and just received a demand from Amasaman Municipal Office to pay a Ground Rent Tax. This tax apparently, has been calculated back from 2010 to the amount of several thousands of cedis. Just like the now...

I’m suspecting my wife

When you come back from work tired wanting to rest and your wife dumps your baby on your laps so that you would be singing unnecessary songs with no meanings and the child is extremely happy throwing himself or herself about, disturbing your peace bcos...

The rise of John Kumah and the hope of Ejisu constituency

Although the NPP as a political party is very strong at the Ejisu constituency, the personal ratings of the member of parliament (MP) are beyond repair. Forget all the razzmatazz over his position as deputy minister for Roads and Highways.

Jackpot closes in

Last winning number