We have a lot of up and coming artistes who need our help - Article Wan

BY 3 NEWS - Apr 13, 2021 at 4:20pm 100

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Popular Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Article Wan, known in real life as Bright Homenya has pointed out that he is embarking on a project to unearth budding artistes with amazing talents but without the adequate help to make them shine, in a new single entitled “Etso” with a colorful video on the market.

The “Ngenge” hitmaker intimated this new project in an interview with Cookie Tee on the New Day show on TV3, Tuesday, April 13.

Article Wan made his earnest project known to the host by saying: “you know we were all helped to this level, although I didn’t get much help when I was coming up but when I sit back and watch the industry and then set my ears to the ground, we’ve got a lot of up and coming who needs our help and when we are able to push them, as in push them from the ground, trust me we are never going to regret”.

“So I decided to put a challenge, drop a beat with a chorus, put it online and I had a lot of talents jumping on it. So I and my team sat down and selected the best six, of which five are from Ghana, one is from the UK. We did the recording, shot the video, and blasted it everywhere and it’s gradually picking up”.

When asked what his criteria were in selecting these underground acts, the “Solo” sensation said, “we used punchlines, rhythm, attack, the way you attack the beat, your flow, you know you need to sound like a musician and trust, we will call these guys up and coming but me I call them Stars, they are more than me, me you’ve heard of me, what they are coming with…”.

The title of the single project “Etso” is a connotation from the Ewe language that means “Tomorrow”, which translates as “we shall meet tomorrow after we make it”, according to Article Wan.

The danceable track features budding acts like Kojo Vypa, Eddy Ryme, Lennon, Yaw Seconds, De Vypa from Ghana, and the only lady on the track called Kaymoi, from the UK.

He urged all and sundry to watch out for the track and support it on all music streaming and social media platforms.