Ghana politics reduced to who should hold position and not who has ideas – Kwaku Azar

BY WWW.GHANAWEB.COM - Apr 13, 2021 at 7:35am 100

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Prof Stephen Kwaku Asare a.k.a Kwaku Azar has stated that politicians in Ghana only care about who holds political positions “with total disregard, even disdain, for issues, ideas, and ideology”.

According to him, the issues confronting the country remain unaddressed, yet the political elite in the country spend the whole year doing partisan politics thinking of who comes after whom and yet the problems keep compounding.

In a post on his Facebook timeline, Kwaku Azar wrote, “Our politics has been reduced to who should hold what positions with total disregard, even disdain, for issues, ideas, and ideology.

In consequence, even though we do politics 365 days a year (366 days in a leap year), the issues facing us as a nation remains unaddressed and our problems keep compounding.”

Kwaku Azar further noted that Ghana’s daily political noise cannot guarantee that all the citizenry vote in elections.

He explained: “Our education system is a wreck. Our social security system guarantees insecurity. Our healthcare system does not heal. Our roads are death traps. Our economy does not produce jobs. Our national debt is soaring. Our homes have no access to Water, Electricity or even Toilet (WET), etc.

"In fact, the daily political noise cannot even guarantee that all our citizens vote in our elections. If they don’t care about your representation, they won’t care about your WET!!

“We must begin to see the light! If they cannot keep your lights on, they cannot be the way out of the darkness.”

Read Kwaku Azar’s full post below.