Dancegod Lloyd tells the inspiration behind his name

BY E.TV GHANA - Apr 13, 2021 at 2:05am 100

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Ghanaian dancer, dance coach and choreographer Laud Anoo Konadu professionally known as Dancegod Lloyd has shared the secret behind his name.

Narrating what pushed him to use the name, he shared that, it was quite tough for him to come up as a dancer because in our Ghanaian society dancing was not recognized as a profession.

“After school, most of my friends were out working and making money, they tried to convince me to join them but all I wanted to do was dance” he noted.

Talking to Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show he said, “This made me put my trust in God and I also had a covenant with Him that, If I am able to do well in my dancing career I’ll forever praise him.”

He stated that not long after his covenant with God, God answered his prayers and made a way for him to become who he is today.

“So basically the meaning of my name Dancegod Lloyd is, dance inspired by God”.

He chose to attach ‘god’ to his name as a way of showing appreciation to God because, when all hope was lost and he thought there was no way out for him to actually make it to where he wanted to be, God came through for him and made him who he is today.