PHOTOS: Colour and style at marriage of TV3's Ayisha Yakubu

BY 3 NEWS - Apr 13, 2021 at 0:50am 100

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TV3's award-winning news anchor and broadcast journalist, Ayisha Yakubu, was swept off the market last weekend when she became the latest bride in town.

Ayisha, known for her beauty and eloquence on camera, did not disappoint with her modest yet intriguing bridal pieces for her nikah (marriage in Islam).

Elegantly showcasing three gorgeous gowns from prominent designers, the bride glowed delicately in her decent yet stunning costumes.

Although green was very much last ‘season’, give it to Ayisha to bring it back.

Covertly enhanced with a pinkish translucent-hued metallic lace, this antiquated look paired with Gele is an eye-opener. Watch out for a new green infestation of our wedding scene very soon.

The crimson embellished gown did wonders to her fair unblemished skin as it accentuated the fiery passion of her eyes.

This gown’s richness was expertly showcased, with a few scattered stones and a lacy trail starting from the hips and flowing ever so gently to sweep her dainty-clad feet.

Full length, the long-sleeved corsetted veiled look could easily pass as a favourite among up-coming brides, looking for decency and glamourous in one picture.

Amidst the pom and plush wedding décor and guests, the bride stood out, towering above all in her Royal Hajiah-ness.