Henry Quartey has rendered Accra Mayor useless, incompetent and inefficient - Researcher

BY RAINBOWRADIOONLINE.COM - Apr 12, 2021 at 1:00pm 100

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A researcher and member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Vincent Nii Okai Adams, has opined that the current Greater Accra Regional Minister Mr. Henry Quartey, has exposed the incompetence and inefficiencies of the Accra Mayor, Nii Adjei Sowah.

The outspoken researcher said although the Minister was recently approved, he has shown that he is ready for the job.

He stated that the activities of the Minister have shown that the Mayor did nothing since he was appointed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Nii Okai said he feels vindicated because when he criticised the Mayor, he was taken to the cleaners by some persons.

Vincent Nii Okai Adams noted that the new minister deserves commendation but what he is currently doing is a reserve for the Mayor.

”In the past, we had Mayors who performed well. But the current Mayor has failed. If he does not know his job and has allowed the Minister to do his job for him, then he is incompetent.

”In the past, when you talk about decongestion, that is left for the Mayor of Accra. Okoe Vadepuiye as, a former Mayor, was leading such activities. But today, we have seen a Mayor who is incompetent and inefficient. If the current Mayor has performed well, it would be in our own interest in the region.”

In mincing no words, he pointed out that the Minister has rendered the AMA as the most useless institution in the country.

”The officials at AMA have proven that the entity is the most useless institutions in Ghana. They are only interested in revenue mobilisation but we don’t see what the resources are used for. We cannot point to things the AMA has embarked on. They should tell us something they have done that has a positive impact,” he challenged.

”On the issue of sanitation, the AMA has failed. Since the Mayor came into office, he has nothing to show. The truth is the truth. He has failed woefully. I have no issue with him but he has failed woefully.”