Asiedu Nketia draws a hilarious analogy between current dumsor and a broken-down bus

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Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress is a man with a reputation for being witty and cocky during interviews.

The NDC scribe has over the years produced interesting soundbites and has a repertoire of interesting and witty responses to questions.

During the 2020 election petition, General Mosquito who was a witness for the petitioner attempted to produce one of his trademark cocky answers to a question by the lead counsel of the Electoral Commission, Lawyer Justine Amenuvor, only for him to be cautioned by the Chief Justice not to ‘answer questions with answers’.

On Sunday, Asiedu Nketia appeared on Joy News to discuss issues in the country and in typical fashion, he released one of his jokes.

Asiedu Nketia, in parrying the government’s explanation for the recent power outages drew an analogy between a broken-down bus on the Nsawam road to the reasons put forth by the government.

He insisted that the government claims that the outages are due to the laying of new transmission lines.

He accused the government of not being candid with Ghanaians with the real issues stifling the delivery of electricity.

“If you are travelling in a VIP and you get to Nsawam and there is a breakdown, you say that you are buying a new VIP that is why we can’t move or having a tire bust or engine failure because they are buying new a bus. It does not make sense.

“If they are building new transmission lines, it has nothing to do with the existing transmission lines… so how does your building of a substation somewhere contribute to dumsor? It is after you have finished the new line or substation and you want to change over. And that will take you more than a week to do.

“So what is happening now is the breakdown of the existing systems when the new ones haven’t happened yet.”

Asiedu Nketia said that the current power challenges is the making of the NPP government.

He added that some decisions made by the government has crippled the power industry and it has nothing to do with repair works or laying of new transmission lines.