Ghanaians commend Joe Osei Owusu's leadership on Appointments Committee

BY PEACE FM - Mar 11, 2021 at 0:51am 100

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Chairman of the Appointments Committee of Parliament, Hon. Joseph Osei Owusu has received massive commendation and admiration from Ghanaians for his spectacular performance as Chairman of the Committee.

Prior to the commencement of the Committee’s work, Ghanaians had widely speculated a repeat of the unsightly spectacle that characterised the election of the current Speaker on January 7.

With a committee that shows equal numerical strength across the two main political parties, Ghanaians believed the dark shadows of January 7 could only portend a rancorous, gloomy spectacle from members of both sides.

President Akufo-Addo in the SONA of January 5, had indicated to the house his expectations of a difference in not only the sitting arrangements but the decibel levels of sound from the floor as well. A clear indication of a House whose fault lines run right through its mid-section.

But when he added that “the good people of Ghana have spoken and given Parliament an almost equal strength on both sides of the House” and that the House had “no choice but to work with the consequences of the desires of the people”, that divinatory statement has found premise in Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu’s leadership of the Appointments Committee.

His stellar leadership has given the needed impetus to the wishes of the President and Ghanaians of a House that needs to be more accommodating of each other’s views and be dynamic in conducting its affairs.

Hon. Joe Osei Owusu has been flexibly doctrinaire in the discharge of his duties as Chairman of the Appointments Committee of the august house. All in an era where the COVID pandemic has also brought forth its attendant difficulties that has seriously impeded the normal conduct and functioning of all activities, the prevalent conditions seemed dire.

To all, he has produced the perfect template for a seamless, productive relationship with regards to work that is needed from members of both sides of the House. A move that will always be one of reference for the several other committees of the House to emulate.

In the words of the ranking member of the Appointments Committee and Leader of the Minority side of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu, the work of the Committee, thus far, has been cooperatively and ably regulated by Hon. Osei Owusu. A shared sentiment of Ghanaians who have keenly followed proceedings.

Sections of Civil Society Groups have described him as naturally cut out to be a unifier and that despite the likely incidence of some disagreements among the members of the committee, the way he handles them shows his level of maturity and depth of knowledge in managing egos and expectations”

Hon. Joe Osei Owusu serves the people of Bekwai as a Member of Parliament. He was re-appointed and confirmed by Parliament on January 7, 2021, for another term as 1st Deputy Speaker.