Tarkwa Nsuaem: Filth engulfs Tarkwa Banso community

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Correspondence from Western Region

Evacuating a hilly refuse in the middle of the Tarkwa Banso Community has been a major concern of residents in the area.

Tarkwa Banso is a community near Tarkwa in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region with a voting population of 2,152.

The community has no proper waste management system making it difficult to take care of refuse generated in the community.

Some designated sites for dumping refuse have been left unattended to, developing into “hills”, and getting so close to people who live around them.

The stench emanating from the refuse has become unbearable for such people but they have no choice but to inhale it.

Apart from that, the community have refused to manage only two public toilets in the community. These toilet facilities have been left without any attendant to manage them.

According to residents, authorities in the community have turned blind eyes to developmental issues in the community.

A Communal labour was held last week to dislodge one of the public toilets which had been abandoned because it was full. Residents say, but for the intervention of environmental health officers from the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly, that communal would not have happened.

Assembly Member for Tarkwa Banso Electoral Area, Hon. Aboagye Dacoster attributed their inability to manage waste in the community to the unavailability of persons to manage refuse dumps and toilet facilities.

He noted that after assuming office as the assembly member, he organized a backhoe to evacuate the refuse at the dumping sites with his own money, but now the community has no funds to do that.

Hon. Aboagye Dacoster said he has made public announcement for anyone interested in the management of refuse and toilet facilities to come up and discuss with the committee.

This he said will help to generate some income for the development of the community.