Quophi Okyeame sings ‘Bedi Anko’ to highlight how he’s stuck on lover

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Produced by Soundboss, Quophi Okyeame’s ‘Bedi Anko’ is a fusion of Dancehall and Highlife rhythms that complement the lyrics soothingly delivered by the musician.

The low-tempo piece sees the performer sing about how his earlier decision to ‘hit and run’ has been foiled due to the depth of love he has experienced after being with his target for a short while.

Assuming the character of a Casanova, Quophi Okyeame is perplexed over his inability to exit like he’s effortlessly done with several others.

“I want to leave but I’m unable to. I’m stuck on her. You’ve actually been able to tame a player like me, something none other has been able to. I’m enthralled,” he sings.

“I do as she commands. I wish I could leave but her actions make it difficult for me. She does exactly what I want and shows me love profoundly. I’m stuck on her, I'm going crazy.”

The singer likens the love between him and the lover to that which existed between Adam and Eve and also resorts to the use of metaphor in describing the strength of the affection.

“Business doesn’t allow me much studio time but I promise to do my best for you,” the Emklan Media boss says in his social media post as he announces the release of the song, and his 7 Shadows of Love EP which is due for release before long.

Listen to the song below.

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