Concern Youth Groups of NPP demands unqualified apology from Northern Regional Secretary

BY KITNES - Feb 23, 2021 at 4:31pm 100

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We the above-mentioned group, demand an unqualified apology from you for the unfounded and unguided comments you made on the 13th February 2021 on a live radio program at Radio Tamale.

You made mention that persons who made up CYG-NPP are not members of NPP. A person of your calibre should have known better and not descend low by making such unguided comments. The fact remains that almost all youth groups made up of CYG-NPP are registered, youth groups. The majority of our members are card bearing members of NPP and on some instances polling station executives.

To lose sight of this and go on live radio to concoct a story that portrays us not to be members of NPP paint a bad picture of your office and the entire regional executive committee.

It is amazing that as a regional Secretary of our beloved party you failed to contact us just to appreciate our grievances but rather chose to go on live radio to accuse us of not being members of NPP. This attitude of yours gave credence to the belief held that the northern regional executives have no good working relationship with the youth.

Again, you made a contradictory statement on that very live program that needs to be pointed out to you and other executives who think just like you.

You said regional executives are not appointing authorities and therefore cannot manufacture jobs for the youth but at the tail end of the same program you made mentioned that if members of CYG-NPP need jobs then we should contact you for the same. On one vane regional executives cannot provide jobs for us on another vane you can provide us with jobs. These statements can only be described as unthoughtful or dishonest statements or better still greedy attitude on your part because if you have job opportunities and waited until the youth agitated before you call on them to come to you for same, it tells how greedy you are towards the youth of your party.

We, therefore, demand on you to render an unqualified apology to us. Today it is youth groups that you accused of not being party members, who know, tomorrow it could be another branch of our great party in the region. This attitude of yours is alien and bizarre to our great party, especially the Northern Region.

Once again we demand an unqualified apology from you. Failure to apologize within a week from the release of this letter will instigate our next line of action against you.

Thank you.

Napadow Clifford Atchulo

Secretary, CYG-NPP