Anloga residents sharing one community dustbin

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Correspondence from Volta Region:

One of the major challenges facing Ghana's ministry of Sanitation is to ensure that most parts of the country are very clean.

This is because poor sanitation contributes to prevailing communicable diseases such as cholera, amongst others due to the low level of public hygiene.

Anloga, in the Volta Region, is one of the cities fighting unhygienic practices of residents.

Some residents of Anloga have resorted to dumping refuse indiscriminately along the roadside of the Anloga Community.

A visit to the community by Ghanaweb saw a refuse dump situated along the roadside which stretches from Kportorgbei to Agorve.

Some residents of the community have resorted to dumping refuse indiscriminately along the roadside due to the lack of dustbins in the community.

Others dump it either behind their house or adjacent to their house without giving it any form of proper treatment like burning to prevent littering all over.

This daily practice has made the whole place stink and unbearable to either walk around the place or even stay for a minute.

However, it is important to note that, the location of the smelly refuse dump is closer to workplaces, food vendors, and houses of some residents.

Reacting to this, Simon Awadzi, Assembly man for the Anloga Constituency, told GhanaWeb the situation is getting worse because of the lack of dustbins in the community.

"We lack dustbins here in the constituency specifically Anloga. There is only one dustbin in the constituency which is situated at Aguadze. Residents in the community have to walk a very long distance before disposing off their waste substances into the only bin in the community. The lack of dustbins here in our community is the reason behind we battling with sanitation."

He added, "this distance which has to be covered by the residents is tiring, therefore this has compelled them to dispose their waste at unauthorized places in the community, of which along the roadside is not an exception".

He appealed for the government to provide at least 4 dustbins which will be situated at Vantage points.