Let’s be thankful to God for our lives - Clergy

BY GNA - Jan 02, 2021 at 2:55am 100

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Reverend Francis Amogre Atinga, the Bukere District Central Assembly Pastor of the Church of Pentecost in the Upper East Region has called on Ghanaians to thank God for seeing them through 2020.

He said even though 2020 came with challenges, God had mercy on Ghana and saw the country through the challenges, adding that the presence of God will see the nation through 2021 successfully.

“In 2021, the Lord is promising us great and good things. Let us use amicable ways to solve our differences so that the presence of the Lord that carried us through 2020 will continue to carry us through the New Year.”

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview prior to his sermon to usher in the New Year, Reverend Atinga said God would bless Ghana to continue to enjoy the peace it had enjoyed over the years.

“If the Lord had not been on our side when the coronavirus came, we would have been swept away. If not for the God, the elections would have been catastrophic, though we had some few disturbances,” the Pastor said.

He called on Ghanaians to see the peace in Ghana as a gift from the Lord and work to guard and protect the peaceful atmosphere, “Let us try to understand each other and use appropriate means to solve our political, family and marriage differences.”

At the Holy Ghost Temple Assemblies of God Church, when the GNA visited as part of its coverage of church activities in the Bolgatanga Municipality, Reverend Dominic Ziba, the Head Pastor, called for forgiveness among Ghanaians.

“Don’t cross the year with offences, and as we step into the New Year, it will be a repeat of this year if attitudes are not changed, so we pursue truth, honesty and commitment. God is our focus and our determining factor, as we look to Him and serve him better, life will certainly be better.”

Some worshippers at the Holy Ghost Temple Assemblies of God Church including; Madam Mary Osman, who shared her expectation of the year 2021 with the GNA, said “I want to thank God for the gift of life and how far He has brought us.”

She said it was by the divine grace of God that she was still alive with her family, “We have a lot of expectations from God in 2021, and we are hopeful that the many expectations will come to pass in Jesus name.”

Mr James Yakubu Kuubieni, another worshipper, said 2020 was not a good year as the world had to battle with COVID-19, “In fact we had to adopt what we call the new normal which really affected us in so many ways.

“As we enter into 2021, I really hope and pray that COVID-19 will be reduced or possibly go away completely so that we return to our normal lives.”

The GNA on its visit to some of the churches observed that Police personnel were stationed at the premises of the churches to ensure security of vehicles and other properties.

At some drinking spots, where the Agency extended its coverage, it observed that patrons, who were mostly the youth, were seated and drinking assorted drinks without consideration to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Mr Abraham Adingbono, one of the patrons who was with his friends at the ‘Dream Big Spot,’ in the Municipality, said “I am out here with my boys to chill out into the New Year. It is a great feeling. We give thanks to God and hope for a better year.”