21st Clinic screens widows and aged in Ashanti Region

BY OTECFMGHANA.COM - Nov 23, 2020 at 12:01pm 100

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21st Clinic, a health institution, has organized a free medical screening for widows and aged women in the Ashanti region.

The women were screened on hypertension, diabetes, eye and sciatica diagnoses, and prescribed drugs were administered free of charge.

The annual event took place at their branch at Ahwia in the Kwabre East Municipal, in Sunday, November 22, 2020.

The CEO of 21st Clinic, Dr. Bless Foster, before the screening advised the women to periodically checked on their health status to avoid any impromptu health conditions.

“At your old ages, your bodies are prone to non-communicable diseases like the diabetes, hypertension, and stroke among others. The surest way to avoid complicating of such diseases is to frequently seek medical attention advice."

He added that “sciatica, a pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which is a source worry for the aged must be well treated. As a specialized sciatica medical practitioner, I will offer to you this day free consultation and medication.”

Dr. Bless Foster on a sideline interview with Otec News said organizing the event for the widows and aged was based on research which found out that these people are making it difficult to seek medical attention because of financial challenges, hence the programme.

“Most widows find it very difficult to go to the hospital, either when they are sick or for medical checkup, because of lack of money. I deemed it as our corporate social responsibility to help the needy, especially these people to offer free screening and medication,” he happily said.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the managers of 21st Clinic for such an intervention program which benefited them.