Lockdown period was not a fruitful digital era for me - ZionFelix

BY E.TV GHANA - Oct 23, 2020 at 3:02am 100

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It is no news during this era of Coronavirus that digital and virtual is the new normal, however, popular Ghanaian blogger cum musician, Zion Felix, has disclosed that COVID-19 greatly affected his work despite the fact that he mostly operates online.

Not only does the blogger share news stories on his blog site and social media pages, but he also advertises people’s businesses and content on his pages. This is what he told Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana that he was not making enough revenue due to the Coronavirus.

“We work for people and some of these people are advertisers while others are regular people that we do things for. We also do online advertising so when people do not go out to buy products, the advertiser won’t advertise so since people weren’t going out because of the lockdown, they were not advertising stuff for us to make money”, he said.

Zion Felix explained that even if people had brought in their products to be advertised during the lockdown, customers would not have been able to go out to make purchase, hence the advertisements would not even have yielded positive feedback and the seller would only lose money.

He however noted that things are going back to normal now, hence business is slowly getting better. The blogger again clarified that pertaining to his blog site, he did not have any problem with generating content for the site and his social media pages.