Election 2020: Position on ballot paper won't save you; what's written is written! - Kwamena Duncan to Mahama

BY PEACE FM - Oct 23, 2020 at 0:36am 100

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Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan says the positioning of the Presidential candidates on the ballot paper doesn't determine victory.

To him, if a candidate will emerge the victor in the December 7 polls, it will primarily depend on his track record.

He stated that the issue of the symbolism of numbers as to whether being number 1 or 2 on the ballot paper will make a difference means nothing if the party has an abysmal track record.

"What is written is written. What is clear is clear . . . I don't have that believe that numerology can save you if you don't do good work. If you don't execute your mandate effectively, you cannot be saved by numerology," he said.

He was however certain that the ruling New Patriotic Party will be victorious in the elections not because they are number 1 on the ballot paper but rather the good job done by the party.