I have never seen relatives of MPs recruited to cause violence - Charles Owusu

BY PEACE FM - Oct 17, 2020 at 6:50am 100

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Charles Owusu, Head of Operations of the Forestry Commission, has advised Ghanaians not to allow themselves to be used as political stooges.

He urged the citizenry to resist being manipulated to perpetrate violence in the upcoming general elections.

He stressed that no leader or politician will deploy his child to polling centers to wreak havoc, hence admonishing the Ghanaian electorates to wise up and stop doing the bidding of politicians who ask them to engage in electoral misdeeds.

"I haven't seen the children of a President, MP or politician being recruited to engage in violence. It's always the grass roots. As we go into the elections, do not allow yourselves to be used to wreak havoc during the elections," he stressed.

He also entreated the electorates to elect the best leader who can effectively manage Ghana.

"Presidency is about life and death. It's about leadership . . . It's true that we vote for a political party but it's not all the persons in the party that can become a President. It's only one person; so we should vote to elect a leader . . . Who is the best to manage Ghana now?''

Charles Owusu made this appeal on Peace FM's morning show ''Kokrokoo''.