Breast cancer awareness: ‘Love your breast, get screened’ - Prof. Clegg-Lamptey

BY WWW.GHANAWEB.COM - Oct 13, 2020 at 10:25am 100

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Professor of Surgery at the University of Ghana Medical Centre, (UGMC), Prof. Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey, has backed calls for women to regularly get their breasts screened for early detection of breast cancer.

Speaking at the launch of the UGMC breast cancer awareness month, Prof. Clegg-Lamptey revealed that doctors can detect the early signs of breast cancer in women who visit health facilities regularly for screening.

“Love your breast, get screened, and save your life. Put away any fear whatsoever, be bold, and get screened for an effective treatment for survival,” quoted Prof. Clegg-Lamptey.

He further noted, the Health Ministry and the country at large must consider a re-examination of strategies which has been employed in breast cancer education and awareness in previous years.

This he added, will attract more women to seek early screening and treatment.

Reports indicate that nearly 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Ghana are usually in the advanced stages.

Pro. Clegg-Lamptey again called on the government to provided health facilities with the requisite logistics and financial support for effective treatment of breast cancer which is currently on the rise.

“Breast cancer is curable so lets all push for our women to get treated at the early stages for survival,” he said.

The theme for the UGMC breast cancer awareness month is “Love your breast, get screened and save your life”.