When are we covering our gutters? - Efia Odo to govt

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It appears media personality and actress, Efia Odo, is livid and not impressed with the way the Akufo-Addo-led government is handling sanitation issues in the country.

According to the socialite, the rising insanitary conditions in the country is gradually becoming a threat to national development.

The opinionated actress in a series of posts on Twitter questioned the country’s decision to leave most of its gutters uncovered.

She stressed that it's not normal to have open gutters in a country hence “common sense” should be applied.

“Gutters are never supposed to be left open like the way it is here. It's unsanitary.”

“When are we ever gonna cover our gutters? It's not normal to have open gutters. Common sense chaley”. Efia Odo wrote.

Meanwhile, her post awakened the displeasure in some Twitter users as they kept flooding the platform with messages of discontent.

Below are more reactions from Twitter!

When are we ever gonna cover our gutters?? It's not normal to have open gutters. Common sense chaley— efiaodo (@efiaodo1) April 29, 2020

Gutters are never supposed to be left open like the way it is here. It's unsanitary— efiaodo (@efiaodo1) April 30, 2020

We lack simple sense— Tea leaf (@Tealeaf06109891) April 30, 2020

Good question.— Interrogator???? (@d_interrogator) April 29, 2020

Hun to be honest there are simple things we have to do we don’t even clean them n to y’all to covering them ????????????— GUYGUY HENE JUNIOR ???? (@GUYGUY_JR) April 29, 2020

For once I agree with you on something.— danny ???? (@dannygh_) April 29, 2020

Oh say say that again Afia....come and see my area paa— Adomako Joseph (@Adomako15554310) April 29, 2020

Here wisdom speaks @efiaodo1— boysadamfo (@adamfopa11) April 29, 2020

Mr.president, where are you— adeyfeelstonebwoyruff (@adeyfeelstoneb2) April 29, 2020

Hun you deserve to be voted as the youth president in Ghana.— Bright Nartey (@BrightN74540363) April 30, 2020

Common sense is not common chale!— iThinker (@iThinker6) April 29, 2020

You got it right...contractors need be questioned to ascertain whether their agreements demand it covered it or not. Even if not on the side of government, they should know better and give proper advice ????— AkonnorJones (@AkonnorJones) April 29, 2020

Today de33 someone talk sense— Alloysius Manaf Otf (@OtfManaf) April 30, 2020