Coronavirus should be a means to get closer to Allah - Imam Abubakar

BY MOHAMMED RABIU ADAM - Apr 23, 2020 at 9:37am 100

The Imam of Asuma Banda Airport Mosque Complex has admonished Muslims across the globe to see the COVID -19 pandemic period as a means of getting closer to Allah.

Imam Abubakar Alhassan said aside from getting closer to God, individuals with means must support the vulnerable during this hard time.

He said "we should also use this opportunity to invigorate our spirituality and closeness to Allah. We found ourselves in an interesting time. People are suffering all over the world. Globally people are suffering. Locally, people are suffering. Look around and find something for your family members, friends and extend your helping hands to them. Because when you do good, Allah will also do you good and forgive you your sins."

Imam Abubakar outlined prerequisites of fasting in Ramadan as "seeking medical check-up, purify one's heart, reconcile and forgiveness, and seeking knowledge about the fasting. "

Fasting in the state of novel coronavirus pandemic under lockdown situation, Imam Abubakar Alhassan urged Muslims to see particular season to be a unique moment for fasting

"it's possible this particular Ramadan will be unique in the sense that this congregational prayer we are going to miss them. But we advise each and every one of us to take advantage of this particular lockdown and tell yourself yes, another opportunity has come to perform or observe Ramadan in a unique manner; in your room. You will not go out to have the opportunity of seeing evil things. "

The Imam used Quranic verses and Hadith to justify his pronouncements further advised that family members should observe tarawih and tahajud prayers at home, and further continue to abide by all protocols outlined by the government as they are endorsed by Islam.