We shall our construct our own constituency party office

BY KITNES - Mar 26, 2020 at 11:12am 100

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It is of great interest to get a befitting edifice as a Party Office for our Great Party NPP in Dome Kwabenya Constituency.

I shall adopt a system to include all in the Construction of our Constituency Office. This is what we will do.

We will Implore the services of all Polling Station Executives who are Carpenters, Masons, Steel Benders, Painters, Electrical Engineers, Aluminium Fabricators, etc to construct this Office.

We cannot afford to give such a contract to an outsider who will then take all profits away and to himself and family only but will make sure the above professionals who are Polling Station Executives benefit from such works.

This would be a form of ‘Communal Labour’ where all Polling Station Executives would get involve whiles our women will see to our welfare.

This is possible for us to undertake and in the end, we all will boast that we took part in the Construction of our Great Constituency Office. It is possible to achieve this goal.

My Vision, Our Vision. Let us all work towards this Great Vision

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