Has anyone heard about 'Ground Rent Tax'?

BY KITNES - Jan 24, 2020 at 3:25pm 100

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I have a property at Tantra Hills and just received a demand from Amasaman Municipal Office to pay a Ground Rent Tax. This tax apparently, has been calculated back from 2010 to the amount of several thousands of cedis.

Just like the now cancelled Luxury Vehicle Tax, there is no meaning and proper thought into this Ground Rent Tax. How can Amasaman issue a tax bill backdating several years and expect the common landowner to make full payment? In the first place, what do they do with the property taxes that we currently pay?

We have not seen any improvements in the communities. The roads are still in the deplorable conditions, no street lights, no water and the list goes on and on.

If there should be a need for the Ground Rent Tax, the officials must publish for the masses to know and understand the effective set date and what the taxes will be used for.

I have no problem paying taxes, but the concern is that I have not seen any tangible usage of the taxes being paid now.


Samuel Tenkorang

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