My depression story not an exaggeration – MzVee

BY GHANAWEEKEND.COM - Jan 15, 2020 at 12:10pm 100

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MzVee as known by now took a break from the music scene for a while and is back this year to continue from where she left off.

But according to her, since she revealed that she got depression, some have said that she may have exaggerated the whole story.

She says this is because most Ghanaians are ignorant about depression.

“So I was scared of coming out with it. And on a few shows I’ve been on recently, some people will send messages and say oh we think she’s exaggerating and it’s the reason I didn’t want to come out to say it” she explained.

The ‘Natural Girl’ singer noted that she was scared to come out to even talk about what she has been through because the Ghanaian culture is one that does not understand depression.

“I was even scared to come out to talk about it because we’re in a culture where we don’t even understand what depression is. In our Ghanaian culture, you can’t go and say you’re depressed. You can say you’re sad and then you have to tune your mind the next minute and do what you’re doing," she said.

Speaking to Dziffa on Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily, she has finally opened up on her dark days leading to the hiatus.