Build musicians from your churches – Empress Gifty to pastors

BY ETVGHANA.COM - Jan 14, 2020 at 3:56pm 100

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Ghanaian gospel musician, Empress Gifty, has shared some major changes that she would like to see this year concerning DJs, and musicians in churches.

Interviewed by e.TV Ghana’s Foster Romanus on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, she mentioned that Disc Jockeys(DJs) in Ghana are not paid as well as they should be, which is not fair. She pleaded that just as presenters are highly respected, well-paid and sometimes even provided accommodation for their services, same be done for DJs as they are equally important.

Empress Gifty furthered that pastors should pay their instrumentalists rather than considering their work as a service to God and for the church, as well as build musicians from the churches.

She said, ‘’The church itself should build a musician from the church. A church member will sing from Sunday school, through to youth and even to women’s fellowship but will never gain any support from the church’’.

‘’When the person struggle’s on his/her own to get a name, the church still expects them to come and perform for free forgetting that he will also come along with his instrumentalist whom he would have to pay as well’’, she added.

The concerned musician expressed that to her, an instrumentalist can make or break a musician, thus, when she is on stage, the one thing she fears most is not a malfunctioned microphone or sound system but for her instrumentalist to go off-key.

She concluded that DJs and instrumentalists be treated and paid well and that churches focus on their musicians and instrumentalists, and find ways of helping them boost their career.