EC has discretionary powers to compile new voters register — Dr Oduro Osae

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The Dean of Studies and Research, the Institute of Local Government Studies, Dr Eric Oduro Osae, has advised those opposed to the Electoral Commission (EC) compilation of a new voters register to go to court.

That, he said, was the most prudent thing to do instead of demonstrating and applying indirect pressure on the election management body.
Discretionary powers

Dr Oduro Osae stated that the EC had discretionary powers and mandate to compile a new voters register under Article 45 (a) and 46 of the 1992 Constitution.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Dr Oduro Osae stated that so far, no strong legal arguments had been made against the new voters register.


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and five other political parties last Saturday organised a demonstration in Tamale to express their displeasure over the EC's decision to compile a new voters register for the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

"I think those in favour and against have always argued on the timing. I think going on demonstrations, which has the potential of raising the political temperature of the country, is not the way to go," he stated.

Dr Oduro Osae said the Constitution, under Article 45(a) gave the EC the sole mandate to compile a voters register and its independence in that regard was guaranteed under Article 46 of the same Constitution.

He said all the debates and discussions should focus on the EC as a Commission and not the Chairperson, Mrs Jean Mensa because of the principle of collective responsibility.