GhanaWeb Polls: 80% of respondents prefer locally produced rice

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80% of repsondents in a poll conducted by say they prefer locally produced rice over imported rice.

Asked whether they prefer locally produced rice or imported rice on Facebook and Twitter, 80% of the over four thousand people who participated in the polls said they prefer locally produced rice over imported ones.

In recent days there has been a widespread campaign across the country aimed at pushing for the consumption of locally produced rice. 2018 figures released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry indicate the country spent over $1.1 billion on the importation of rice alone, a figure which represented 82% of the country’s total imports.

Some people have attributed the situation to the high level of Ghanaian preference for imported rice brands.

The statistics and its effects, especially on the local rice production industry has caused industry players and private Ghanaians including the Managing Director of Citi FM, Samuel Attah-Mensah, to champion the campaign for the consumption of locally produced rice.

At the back of the above conducted the polls on social media to find out what Ghanaians really prefer when it comes to locally produced rice and imported rice.

The data from the polls indicate the majority of Ghanaians have preference for locally produced rice.

Aside the locally produced rice having good taste and being more nutritious, those who said their preference lies with it said, their decision is also informed by the need to help grow the local industry and the economy.
However, comments made by some of the participants in the polls show there are lapses in the local rice production system that impedes their quest to satisfy their preference.

They highlighted the cost of the locally produced brands, the quality in production and their availability in the market as some of the lapses.

Some relayed on the government to step in order to eliminate the lapses in the local rice production system. They called on government to make soft loans available to rice farmers.

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