'Foolish man with no sense' - Social media users descend on NPP spokesman

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The Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) United Kingdom branch, Nana Ansah Obofour, has fallen on the dagger of some Ghanaians as they have hurled insults at him even after he apologised to Nana Aba Anamoah for some unsavory comments he made about the broadcaster.

Nana Aba Anamoah few days ago expressed contempt at the politicisation of projects by leaders in the country. Her remarks were on the back of some comments President Akufo-Addo made about former president John Mahama during his visit to the Volta region.

The outspoken media personality could not fathom why the president would highlight the inefficiencies and mistakes of Mr. Mahama instead of delivering the country from the economic quagmire and making life better for the ordinary Ghanaian.

“…the President should be telling us exactly how many jobs he has created in the Volta region alone. He should be telling us the numbers he’s added on in the Volta region alone. He shouldn’t be reminding us of what John Mahama did or didn’t do, said or hasn’t said, we are not interested in that. There are problems in the Volta region. He should be telling us of what he has done to address those problems. We don’t want him to be telling us about John Mahama. We already know what John Mahama did and didn’t do, we don’t need him to remind us...” she said on GhOne TV.

Nana Aba received commendations from a section of the public but there was a change in narrative as Nana Ansah Obofour took to Twitter and unleashed insults on her.

His tweet read: “See dis useless and hopeless Mahama photoshop girl too, she will not find a responsible man and marry to be a useful wife, but move around sleeping with her colleague women’s husbands for money, allow your son go see his father so he won’t be a bastard.”

Nana Ansah’s post stoked controversy as many people descended on him. Amidst the backlash, Nana Aba Anamoah rebutted saying: “People like you resort to insults but guess who isn’t moved? ME! I stand by what I said about the NPP & NDC. I had a different response for you but remembered you do this to earn your salary at the end of the month. Next time be bold & tag me. You piece of garbage.”

After several protests from people, Nana Ansah Obofour on Saturday, rendered an unqualified apology to the GhOne news anchor.

In a tweet, the UK-based politician said: “Sorry Nana. In the middle of the political discourse during the week, I made certain disparaging comments on the person of Nana Aba Anamoah, a journalist with GhOne TV. Upon a sober reflection, I apologise unreservedly to her for the comments I made”.

SORRY NANAIn the middle of the political discourse during the week, I made certain desparaging comments on the person of Nana Aba Anamoah, a journalist with GhOne TV, upon a sober reflection, I apologise unreservedly to her for the comments I made. Nana Ansah Obofour— Nana Ansah Obofour (@NanaAnsah20) November 9, 2019

While some say he is unwise, others are cautioning him not to be ‘silly next time’.

Here are a few reactions

Oh masa fa wo kwasia ne wo gyimii k) p3 baabi da w'ate. U can say sorry so u go fool everyday and come say I'm sorry. Osormi!— #ForMyBrothers ???????? (@QuajoB) November 9, 2019

What sober reflection? Common sense is there to guide you but for party colors you refuse to use it. It’s your own cup of tea. I pity you.— JamesBissakaMaguire ?????????? (@BLanyoh) November 10, 2019

He had to apologize not because he himself realized what he did was not right, but he did so under DURESS his paymasters. Otherwise look at how long it took for him to come up with this pathetic apology.— Nana (@Nana76370154) November 9, 2019

Nt only did U insult @thenanaaba U comment goes beyond d@ it affected her entire family nd people around her So nxt tym b4 U write anything think abt Hw U will feel if it is said abt U.I think U hv to come again with dis ur apology— Nana Kwaku (@bosty45) November 9, 2019

????????????????????????????.... This is what we call "force them to play nonsense".... Your apology means nothing at all— Betrayal???????? (@geenaeus) November 9, 2019

Otwea.. @NanaAnsah20 don’t be silly next time. @thenanaaba my baby, let go okay! We got ur back 24/7... We won’t allow any stomach brainless politician be it NPP or NDC gag anyone in this country for speaking the truth and facing facts!— Nana4real SarkNative????™? (@Nana4real11) November 9, 2019

Extremely disappointed in u @NanaAnsah20. I used 2 listen to u on Obuoba Fm wen I was a kid in Asikuma. I av bn ff ur utterances on e fmr prez @JDMahama & some ppl who disagree with the @npp on issues. just be descent & put ur argument across & people will still love u. #GrowUp— Acostik Dot Sport (@AcostikDotSport) November 9, 2019

Sober reflection, next time you will know how to speak for your information the party will sanction you for your foolishness. #Dontjokewithnanaaba.— ASHANTI FIRST LADY (@AdjoaBawuah) November 9, 2019

I was about to insult to you buh it seems what you've received is enough. Buh please wait for me next time you want to post ur nonsense so that I can rain insult on you first.. Thank you— Learn life_Studios (@IKOLOGY_Gh) November 9, 2019

Some tweeps have, however, lauded Nana Ansah for being mature enough to realise his mistakes and apologise accordingly.

A wise man is one who sees his transgression and rectifies same. Well done Nana Ansah for being noble and eating humble pie.— samuel bamfo (@oguan100) November 9, 2019

That is what is expected of a civilised person, always attack the message and not the messager for we all have cobwebs in our rooms. I hope you were not coerced to apologise but it is really coming from your heart. Go and sin no more Ansah.— aibo wilson (@JerryAmoakowil1) November 10, 2019

I jus don't understand some , the guy made a mistake either it came from pay masters or wherever it came from an apology has been rendered . What is this hypocrisy ?— Michael (@Michael75002001) November 9, 2019

This is of course the best you have done, it is said it is only fool that refuses to change his mind. But you could have tagged her in this apology like you did when insulting her. But I hope this finds @thenanaaba politics will be here, we will come and go— Ned Mann (@ned_mann) November 9, 2019