This security guard holds a master’s degree in political science and pursuing his PhD

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If you ever thought that every security guard is illiterate and destitute, then this is the time to revise your thought and start respecting such people.

A man from the Democratic Republic of Congo working in South Africa shocked many South Africans when it recently came to light that, he holds a master’s degree in political science and further studying towards a doctorate from the University of South Africa (Unisa).

The security guard’s secrete made news headlines in South Africa a few days ago after a man identified as Jefferson Khumalo posted on Facebook a picture he took with him and blew his cover.

"This brother is my brother from another mother, born in DRC, staying in SA. "He is a car guard in my neighbourhood complex. I have learned from him that he is holding his master's degree in political science. He is currently enrolled with UNISA for his PhD,” Jefferson Khumalo captioned the photo

He said the discovery has changed his view about foreigners living in South Africa and urged his compatriots to stop stereotyping them as criminals.

"Not every foreign-born is a drug dealer or a criminal, I am humbled by this man’s dream. #My South Africa the Land of Possibilities. #We are Staying," he added.

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