GFA Election Polls : Kurt Okraku to sweep Volta, Eastern, and Greater Accra Regions in the elections

BY 442GH.COM - Oct 12, 2019 at 3:50pm 100

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Team of Ghana Football election watchers from have reveal that Dreams FC Executive director Kurt E.S. Okraku will win the regions that fall under the Zone three of the Football constituency with fourteen(14) out of 33 total votes representing 42.4% of votes available in the zone.

Their research within the three regions shows Kurt Okraku has solid background in the zones which makes him the preferred candidate to win.

The zone has Sixteen ( 16) Delegates from the Division one league of which eleven (11) are based in Accra Region, Three (3) from the Eastern Region, and Two (2) from the Volta Region.

There are 5 Premier Clubs in the zone with 10 delegates and votes, Three (3) from Greater Accra, One (1) from the Eastern and One (1) from the Volta Region.

The zone also has six (6) delegates from the Regional Football Association and One (1) delegate from Women Football.

In total, the Greater Accra Region has 20 delegates going into the polls with 6 delegates from the Premier League, 11 delegates from the division one league, 2 reps from the RFA, and 1 from the Women football constituency.

Eastern Region has 7 delegates in total, with 2 from the premier League, 3 from Division One and 2 from the RFA, With the Volta Region having 6 delegates, 2 from premier League, 2 from division one, and 2 from the RFA’s.

The team relied on factors including :

Speaking to delegates,relationship of candidates to delegates and their clubs,speaking to fans of the clubs and vision in the manifestos released by the Candidates.

The research showed that Kurt Okraku has in the past distinguished and created some good relationship with the people behind the clubs in the three regions, the analysis also showed he has in the past assisted some of the clubs by giving out players to them for free, and also helped in transferring some players from the clubs abroad.

The Zone has lots of interest amongst the candidates and the delegates, with external forces including Party Politics also playing a part in the decision of the delegates on who to vote for.

Of the Sixteen (16 ) Division One clubs, Kurt Okraku is likely to have 5 of the teams voting for him, with three (3) of the Premier League clubs also likely to vote for him, the projection also suggest he is likely to win two (2) out of the three Regional Football Association Votes.

George Afriyie comes second in the zone with Nine (9) Votes, representing 27.2% .

Even though George Afriyie has two clubs within this zone, our research shows most of the division one clubs do not align to him with the exception of his Club Okyeman Planners who are sure to vote for him, one other club in the greater Accra region is likely to vote for him base on our analysis.

George Afriyie is likely to have two (2) Premier league clubs voting for him, and also winning one of the RFA seats.

Third in the race for votes in the zone is Nana YAW Amponsah who is likely to have 4 votes representing 12.1%, with Three of the votes coming from the division one league, the only Women League constituency in the zone is likely to fall for Nana Yaw as well.

Fred Pappoe comes fourth in the polls for the three zones with Three (3) votes, representing 9% with all three votes coming from the division One.

For the purpose of proper analysis of the situation, and the uncertainty in the disqualification of Osei Palmer, the team included him in the polls, but surprisingly, He places fourth with same votes as Fred Pappoe on three (3) votes, representing 9%.

The other Two (2) Candidates Amanda Clinton, and George Ankomah Mensah are not likely to have any vote in this zone.

The team will continue the polls with two of the remaining zones in subsequent publications.