Chalewote: How a slap from a girl got twitter on fire

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“Get your girl to hit and slap you from all angles” and that will be you joining the #chalewote challenge trending on social media.

A video circulating on twitter captures a Legon student (name unknown) in one of the university’s halls, questioning her ‘cheating’ boyfriend and hitting him continuously with her slippers what is called in the local parlance, ‘Chalewote’.

Though suggestions are that it was acted, many have already hit social media to react to the issue. Hitting out at the lady for disrespecting a guy by hitting him in that manner. Some are also of the view that the guy acted ‘dull’ and should have stopped her.

What disputes the element of acting however is the fact that the lady in question has emerged to render an apology over her actions.

She said, “I was in a very dark place, this happened just yesterday so I’m shocked it has gone this far just in a short while. To be honest at the moment, I wasn’t thinking properly, I was very angry and the fact that he wasn’t even showing any remorse fueled that anger but I’m truly sorry for attacking him the way that I did, it wasn’t right no matter what he did. It wasn’t right for me to attack him because, in the video you can see that he didn’t hit me back or anything, I’m really sorry for that.”

Meanwhile, social media users, as expected are making fun of the situation and have taken on a challenge, the #chalewote challenge.

Let’s see some of the reactions on social media:

????????????????????????????????there norr #slipperschallenge #legon #chalewote— Sister broni?????? (@BroniSister) October 11, 2019

Dear ladies , don’t sit down and cry when your man cheats ????. Help is here now !! Just contact Karen from Legon ???? she would give your man a happy beatings ???????????????????? #chalewote— Nungua Takeoff???????? (@black_mofo__) October 11, 2019

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