How Sarkodie 'tore' Shatta Wale into pieces in 2018

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Sarkodie, Shatta Wale. These are two of Ghana’s biggest musicians and they have dominated the music scene for the best part of the last decade.

These two have a fanbase and a cult following that even the biggest political parties in Ghana will envy. Not long ago, there were the best of friends and did some songs together.

But the same cannot be said today. Today, they are literally sworn rivals. The silver lining is that this is not new in the music landscape both home and abroad. Stories of friends turning foes abound.

Many clashes are over in a flash, while others drag for years and even decades. Some feuds are undoubtedly hilarious, like the award-winning jabs from Sarkodie’s “Advice” to Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale which many people claim has “shut” him up.

Many artists have tried taking a dig at Shatta Wale in the past, but Sarkodie’s attack last year was the first time a ‘big dog’ has gone after another ‘big dog’.

The internet, they say, never forgets. And so today social media is marking the one year anniversary of the Sarkodie vs Shata Wale feud, the feud that gave birth to most “career-ending” diss song “Advice”.

The song which was weaved as a reply to Shatta’s numerous impolite comments about Sarkodie amassed several reactions on social media as majority heaped praises on the rapper.

According to social media users, Sarkodie’s freestyle on October 10, 2018, tearing Shatta Wale into pieces deserves to be marked annually because that was the only thing that triggered him to buy a Benz out of fury.

The nation’s “anthem” last year October, has been on the minds of music lovers and chronicles Shatta Wale's dreadful feuding adventure with Sarkodie.

The first verse on the freestyle goes like, “Me on this beat go cost you some damages, last year I went through some challenges in the industry, a whole lot of hates can’t we just love one another with happiness?”.

Social media users said today is the saddest day for Shatta Wale because the song paralyzed his “Okro mouth”.

Sarkodie who cautioned Shatta Wale to quit bragging about his cheap wealth in the song said, “I don’t wanna snitch on my n*gga but f**k off all the bragging and chill cos honestly, your whole bank account no fit buy you a tear rubber Vogue but you are claiming supremacy f**k outta here you be fool but I’m trying to leave a blueprint.”

“Gyae alumni no hy3 no k)hy3 cute blings, Paul a w’amma nt3m ne fame no foforo no akodaa w’ani y3 atra w’ani nt)n yey3 wo papa a wo wer3 afi s3 wo b3 too no//Wanhu hwee koraa ns3m pii na 3totoo no.”

“Brand no bi strong enough if ebi strong keep quiet you go soon comot stay mute one-year sef full support you show dick one day you go show buttocks the last thing wey I won’t be attention.”

“Megye me ho di nti mo ntumi mma me tension bra ma me nkyer3 wo branding ansa na m’ak) pension me ma mo hypertension only reason I dey do this bi sake of I’m on a mission to put Ghana forward had to put career on hold so say these new artistes can cash out some few dollars so if I see some distraction I for address am cos n*gga dey misuse his powers.”

“Confidence is when you are able to compliment people without you feeling insecure so if you feel say you get it no need to downplay the next man wo suro no, na firi h).”

“This no bi beef just stay and listen me and you cool no crazy friction but my frustration be say I dey try move Ghana forward but I’m still babysitting.”

“New money, new car, new house so you can’t think far but time is running now so we for raise bar cos after some time na wo fame k) a nobody go get time for your bullsh*t so you for see the way you dey approach it me mp3 w’as3m a anka me m3mma wo notice 3y3 w’agyimi kakra stay focus.”

“Attention seeking is not bad but too much of it is a chronic diseases3 anka social media trend na 3ma nipa y3 relevant a anka obia 3n-feature Mugeez.”

The same year, Pope Skinny who was the right-hand man enjoyed the wrath of Shatta Wale for endorsing the “Advice” song.

The endorsement triggered serious jabbing from the Shatta Movement camp against Skinny which led to the two breaking up.

Some industry players like David Oscar and others on social media are also questioning why the Dancehall artiste will not learn from his mistakes especially after the“Advice” Sarkodie gave him to desist from his grasping lifestyle to congratulate his former “best friend” (Sark) on winning the BET International flow act award.

Sarkodie is currently not in the good books of Shatta Wale after publicly crashing his 15 years musical career into one trashcan in 3-minute freestyle.

Read some of the 1-year anniversary reactions of Sarkodie classic diss song below:

Exactly 1 year today, Sarkodie advised Shatta Wale and Opana downgraded from a big artiste to an underground artiste ????????#AdviceAt1— Kelewele Joint ???? (@Ankamagyimi) October 10, 2019

Shatta Wale.. ???? ???? ????????????????Your whole Bank account no fi buy you one tier rubber Vogue but you claiming supremacy. Fuck out of hear you be full butty. #AdviceAt1— N A N A. B O A K Y E (@Jahhcomesfirst) October 10, 2019

????????????????????????????????????????Even though the man in the seat is the one having the wine, it's rather the baby on floor who is having a hangover after 1yr.Happy anniversary ????????????????????????#AdviceAt1@SarkNativesGH@MacEvans16@kingofaccra@kwadwosheldon@shawnybills— BlackLove???? (@SarkCessLivingg) October 10, 2019

Opana do hard guy hard guy but @sarkodie gave him a little advice and opana was mute forever. Ebi tumi bi ????#AdviceAt1— ????Girling???????????? (@AbenaPerfecty) October 10, 2019

We're celebrating #AdviceAt1 you're welcome to be in the trends but you won't be No. 1 when a whole nation is celebrating an anniversary. #AdviceAtOne is to remind you your place. Only #Sarknation dey make trolling trend, u wan claim best fanbase. Killa alumi fans ???? ???? ????— ????????OpuroSinApr?? (@eagleyez_) October 10, 2019

A diss song that combines insults and common sense and ancient wisdom and philosophy and still rhymes perfectly.Sark is wicked!???? #AdviceAt1— Kofi Tiger (@JamesTiger98) October 10, 2019

I’m expecting @shattawalegh to show appreciation for the Unpaid advice from king @sarkodie . Wale wouldn’t have done it for free trust me ????????. #AdviceAt1— NANA AKWASI SARKCESS (@deebee133417) October 10, 2019

The song that stop #SHATTA, from bragging about his wealth, the song that makes #SHATTA sack all his follow backs, the song that, stop #SHATTA from wearing alumlies, the song that stop #SHATTA from Showing his dick in public That Song is one year today #AdviceAt1 ?????????— Poly (@PolySarkcess) October 10, 2019