Zino Lexili Ogazi receives a citation of honour

BY ERIC MICHEAL OGAZI - Sep 13, 2019 at 7:35pm 100

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Urban and Rural Dream foundation founder, Zino Lexili Ogazi has made and is still making a remarkable impact on the cultural ethos of a purposeful life, and has led by example in all she has done.

Zino has been awarded for outstanding service and hard work, in recognition of her consistent advocacy and participation in and sustained a commitment to the empowerment of the girl-child and youths.

She has epitomized that type of Millennial young lady, who through utter determination and unabashed love of interests, and has proven her willingness to inspire and assist others responsively, respectfully, collaboratively, and competently.

Zino’s Quest for the girl child empowerment led her to establish Urban and rural dream foundation and has successfully raised the profile of Culture at her foundation and has worked hard to put systems in place to make things function more efficiently.

Urban and rural dream foundation is an African NGO that caters for impoverished children, encourages the girl-child to focus & strive to actualize their dreams, works to seek for women empowerment & social upliftment in Africa.

The flight of urban and rural dream foundation has already taken off & is actively working in Ghana and Nigeria currently. in her role as the chairperson Of the foundation together with her team, they have consistently made charitable donations & rendered philanthropic services to various orphanage homes & Initiatives since 2013 till date.

Some of these homes include; Holy sisters of the needy Motherless home & the Nigerian Red Cross Society home in Imo state Nigeria and Teshie Nungua orphanage home in Accra Ghana. She has also graced events aimed at girl-child empowerment, to give pep talks with the most recent being Ladies drink up edutainment show, where she bagged a Citation of honour.

In this role, as well as her leadership and establishment of Miss Black Beauty Africa, Black Beauty Africa Awards, Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy /Agency, Yes Black and proud merch & Supreme Dynamic Concepts Limited, she has shown initiative and made a tangible impact.

The Mission Of her foundation is to provide better care for the impoverished children & further their education.

To educate, inform, & inspire the girl child to focus & actualize her dreams through education, entrepreneurship, professional training programs and contests. While it’s vision is to become a leading resource Centre for impoverished children & to ensure that they are adequately resourced throughout Africa and to provide effective means where the African girl -child will have the opportunity to actualize her dreams without sacrificing her morality or virtues & be inspired to create an opportunity for herself & others.

For the Quest of the girl-child empowerment, She further established & launched Miss Black Beauty Africa, a pace-setting, International, African, informative, educative, entertaining & cultural event, channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to kick against skin bleaching, encourage African ladies to love and appreciate their black skin tone, empower the pageant hopefuls, fight depression & a platform to bridge the gap & promote the African culture and tourism.

Zino has proved herself as an effective administrator, inspiring motivator and intelligent leader. She gets jobs done passionately, unobtrusively and efficiently, she communicates well and has creative ideas, which she is able to see through to completion. She certainly has set a fine example of reliability, dependability and commitment.

Zino is, without question, a deserving recipient of the prestigious Service Honours Award.

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