Lebanese Ambassador charges GIJ students to highlight the truth

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The Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana HE Maher Kheir has charged students of Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to esteem truth in the discharge of their duties.

Speaking on the occasion of awarding scholarship to six postgraduate students of GIJ at the Lebanese Embassy, he said journalism is a noble profession which demands high level of truthfulness.

He said “This morning is a very special morning. I cannot describe my joy to see you climbing from one step to another and get closer to the star of your dream.

“This dream which you work hard for, day and night, to concretize, is on course. Over the years, you have been supported by your families and by us because we believe in your ambition and your vision of a world more fair and peaceful.

“In the beginning was the word then the life and the civilization. Indeed, as Shakespeare once said “Talking is not enough. You must pronounce the truth.” So establish a world based on the image of the dream that you seek.

“A few days ago, I returned from my holidays in Lebanon where I met the Minister of Information and the Minister of Education and Higher Education. We discussed ways to strengthen the relationship between Lebanon and Ghana, the Lebanese Scholarship and ways to improve the scholarship program. I hope that very soon you can see the birth of some new projects in this field.”

He added “As you know, Lebanon is the pioneer of journalism and communication in the Middle East region and has produced renowned journalists who have sacrificed their lives to advance the cause of freedom, equality and human rights.

“A famous Lebanese journalist observed, “The truth taught me to hate it but I couldn’t.” So like the saying of the famous Greek philosopher Aflatone, “go for the truth with all your heart.”

In like manner, Professor Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo, rector of the Ghana Institute of Journalism urged the beneficiary students to pursue truth in their respective endeavours saying, “ Continue to work hard, you have earned but I will urge you to pursue the truth. What you do promote national development so esteem ethics of journalism.”

He expressed thanks to the Lebanese Embassy and the Lebanese Community for their continued support for the Institute.

One of the recipients, Emmanuel Kabu Nartey thanked the Embassy on behalf of Juliana Odamea Asare, Redeemer Buatsi, Tracey Amida Ibrahim, Emma Aku Obiri and Musbau Razak, the other beneficiaries for the gesture.

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