Influx of Telenovelas not the only cause for decline in Ghana movie industry - Irene Opare

BY WWW.GHANAWEB.COM - Sep 13, 2019 at 5:50am 100

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Veteran actress Irene Opare has lamented how destitute the movie industry in Ghana has become over the last 5 years.

She made reference to how technology and telenovelas have become major factors for the collapse of the movie industry in Ghana.

The veteran actress said the invasion of technology has given people easy access to movies hence the loss of interest in local movies.

“Unlike before you need to queue to go to the cinema halls, secondly you have to even queue to buy our CD’s and that was the time we were making money but now people pick their phones and they are watching movies so the industry’s gone down,” she said.

She added that another factor that led to the decline of the industry was the inability of producers to produce enough content for the local consumers.

“Producers were not making that kind of money they were putting in production… if you have a lot of TV stations, they want content so if we are not producing, they will go out there and look for content”.

Irene Opare said industry players hold regular meetings to see how best they can fix the loopholes and revive the movie industry and make it the top-notch it was some years ago, where their movies were the demand of the day.

She was optimistic that once these meetings continue, the industry will make progress which will in effect uplift the industry once more.

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