Reggie Rockstone jabs Medikal over rap?

BY WWW.GHANAWEB.COM - Sep 12, 2019 at 7:37pm 100

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Grandpapa of hiplife and member of music group, VVIP Reggie Rockstone has subtly thrown a jab at rapper Medikal for a line the latter used in a trending hit song by Dope Nation.

The song, Confam which featured rapper Medikal was released last month. A line in the rap which stated “…fried rice for me, banku for them” was criticised by spoken word artiste Mutombo Da Poet.

His tweet suggested that phrases us those used by Medikal portrayed the level of stagnation or backward thinking of some individuals and subsequently level of development of the country.

“A Ghanaian rapper just said “fried rice for me, banku for them” in his song. ‘Them’ referring to his haters, etc. Let’s just analyse this for a while! Our stagnancy is embedded in so many things chale.”

In response Reggie Rockstone who seemed to not know the subject in question further mocked the artiste by stating that “He or she believes that fried artery missilery and white rice is a luxury ????????smh! Pizza means heaven too huh! A lot don’t know brother!”

Listen to the song below

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