Kasoa police killing: IGP orders investigations into allegations surrounding murder

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The Acting Inspector General of Police has caused an investigation to be commenced into allegations that one of the policemen killed at Kasoa G/Sgt Michael Dotse Dzamesi had issues with the suspect who killed him.

There has been a widely circulated message on social media suggesting that the murdered policeman was allegedly handling a murder case involving the suspect killer and put him in cells and that the suspect must have killed him out of revenge.

The Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service ACP David Eklu told host Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM Monday, that the allegation has reached the Acting IGP and has asked for a thorough investigation to be carried out to establish the veracity or otherwise of the claims.

“I’ve read the message myself but I can’t confirm or deny the claims so as I speak to you know the IGP has tasked one of our directorates to investigate that aspect of the case immediately because investigations in such cases are very importatnt.”


The story behind Kasoa police shooting insistence

No. 36367 G/Sgt Michael Dotse Dzamesi was handling a murder case involving the prime suspect and was once in court.

The suspect was remanded in police custody and Sgt Dotse accordingly put the suspect into police cells.

On the next day, Sgt Dotse came to the cell just to realise the suspect was released with his knowledge.

He asked and was told that there was an order from above to release the suspect and his Ruger Pistol 343-61265 should be released to him.

Sgt Dotse not happy with the turn of events asked that he wanted the name of the officer who ordered for the release of the murderer suspect so he can use it in closing the docket.

Upon hearing this, a Superior officer directed that the money brought (ghc4,000) should be brought to him and he told Sgt 36367 to forget about the case as he looks for the name of the superior for him.

It was rumoured that the said officer plotted with the same murderer to use a DV plated vehicle while they (sgt Dotse and others) are on duty and drive recklessly without stopping.

This according to him would attract his attention and when he chases them, then he (the suspect) “can finish him….”.

On the faithful day, the said suspect used his blue/black coloured Toyota Corolla but removed the number plate and replaced it with a DV plate to carry out the assignment.

When the two police chased and got the suspects in their vehicle, LC Awale approached the suspect who was sitting on the driving seat, and asked why he was driving DV recklessly and refused to stop when ordered to do so.

According to this source, there was exchange between the suspect and LC Awale who slapped the suspect.

The suspect politely told LC Awale that he should allow him to pick some money from his car to “settle him”.

The suspect however came back with the same pistol used in the murder case which sgt Dotse was prosecuting, and shot LC Awale, through his rips.

At this point, the suspect said to LC Awale: “give me way, you’re not the one am after…”

He then shot sgt Dotse at the head who started running to take cover in a provision shop, but the suspect followed to the shop and fired several shots at his face and the head. As passionate as he was, Sgt Dotse knowing the suspect was burnt on killing him (because he now realised he was the same murderer), told the 10-year old girl in the shop to lay down flat behind her fridge to avoid being hit by the bullet meant for him.

Few minutes Sgt Dotse after said this to the girl, he gave up his ghost.

The suspect then drove away the vehicle and abandoned it together with the pistol used for the murder and booted.

This is a rumour going round the story.

From Michael Dzamesi (inspired)