Yaw Berk was dirty, left my studio smelly when I gave him opportunity to sleep there - Kaywa

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Award-winning music producer and sound engineer, Kaywa has opened up about how an artiste he signed unto Highly Spiritual Music, Yaw Berk left his label.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Highlife Paradise, he described his former signee as a lair, for twisting the truth behind their break-up.

Kaywa stated emphatically that there was no part of the contract that said he [Kaywa] would provide him [Yaw Berk] an accommodation.

He also said there was nowhere in the contract that also promised the former artiste a car.

In his view, it was not right to give a fresh artiste a car or a house when they don’t even have a hit.

He felt it would be proper to give an artiste a car and a house when they have become big stars or top artistes.

Kaywa said his focus has always been to focus on the music and projecting the new artistes he signed.

Recounting how he started signing artistes, Kaywa said he was used to helping people and most producers came through him and so it got to a point he wanted to help artistes just like he had helped producers.

He said, "we started beautifully but the initial plan failed. The initial plan was to put all of them on one song so they names would begin to come up.’’

He said the audio was good but the video was poorly done and so he decided to record them individually.

Kaywa disclosed he had a meeting with all the artiste and they all agreed to allow the female artistes to be pushed first but Yaw Berk insisted his song was done first.

"So, all the other artistes agreed for us to push his song first. God is so good, it went well and his name started coming up. So the next thing was to go to the next artiste based on the agreement we all had. But Yaw Berk did not have the patience to wait for his other colleagues to have their songs released. He started releasing songs on his own and insulting Sarkodie claim he was not a rapper. Then I asked him to stop because that was not my brand,’’ he painfully narrated.

Kaywa said he had to ask Berk to stop because it was not his principle.

Kaywa went on to state Berk wanted to build his career on the hype

"I cautioned him because he went on to pick on Becca claiming the husband did not deserve her. Berk was desperate and even slammed Ignis claiming he was churching out whack videos. I had to go and do damage control. Later, I sat him done and cautioned him to desist from doing that.’’

Kaywa also disclosed the artistes decided to lodge at the studio, which he initially declined but had to allow it.

But he later discovered Yaw Berk was not taking his bath regularly, was dirty, a situation, which forced the other artistes to leave the studio.

Kaywa said his studios started smelling bad due to the awful odour from Yaw Berk.

He recounted how a client he was working for had to move out of the studios because she felt uncomfortable due to the awful smell from Yaw Berk.

He added that Yaw Berk’s claims he did not have a copy of the contract he signed with Highly Spiritual, was unfortunate as every member of the team had a copy.

Kaywa said he would not have come out to say all these things but for the evil and negative things Yaw Berk said about him, he had no other option.

”My studio was full of bed bugs and smelly because Yaw Berk did not keep the place neat. He was unkempt and dirty. He drove my clients out of my studio because of his awful smell.”

To him, he would have forgiven Yaw Berk should he have called him and apologised.

”I took him as my son but he was ungrateful and kept peddling falsehood about me. When I heard those things, I felt it was time to respond to him because he was peddling lies about me. I don’t harbour pain or hatred so I have forgiven him,” he added.

His final word to Yaw Berk was that he would not make or have fame because of him.