Brexit: Hammond says PM's demands 'wreck' chance of new deal

BY JOSEPHINE KUUBAIBONG - Aug 14, 2019 at 3:34pm 100

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Former Chancellor Philip Hammond has accused the PM of trying to wreck the chance of a new Brexit deal, by making demands the EU could never accept.

In a Times article, Mr Hammond said a no-deal Brexit would be "a betrayal" of the 2016 referendum result.

He said Parliament would "make its voice heard", adding that a no deal "must not happen".

A No 10 source said the UK would leave on 31 October despite Mr Hammond's "best efforts to the contrary".

The source added that Mr Hammond, as chancellor, "did everything he could" to block preparations for leaving and had "undermined negotiations".

The former chancellor rejected this suggestion in a tweet, saying he wanted to deliver Brexit "and voted to do so three times".

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