Queen Mother of Tamale prostitutes arrested

BY JOSEPHINE KUUBAIBONG - Aug 08, 2019 at 10:57am 100

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Chioma Sabina Abaraonye, a Nigerian who for over five years has been trafficking teenage girls into Ghana and forcing them into prostitution has been arrested by the Ghana Immigration Service.

The suspect under the guise of securing them jobs as sales girls in a multi-million non-existent mall and a boutique she owns in the Northern Regional Capital of Tamale, transport them into Ghana and thereafter introduce them into the new trade.

Her victims who resign to their fate thereafter, are asked to pay an amount of GH¢ 8000 each to the trafficker on arrival in Ghana with a daily target of at least GH¢100 from each of the trafficked girls.

“Each night we have to bring at least 100 cedis, otherwise, they will beat us” says one of the victims.

One of her victims, a 23-year-old sex worker disclose that she has to sleep with up to 10 men a night to raise her daily target. “If not you won’t know peace”

“When we came, the madam and her Ghanaian accomplice called Sof took our blood, fingernails, and pubic hair. And told us that now that they have those things from us, if anyone reveals the secret, they will make the person Mad.” the victim painfully recounts.

Victim of sex trafficking

Human traffickers and smugglers have forced tens of thousands of young African women into prostitution across the world and many of their victims are intimidated and silenced by their so called Madams.

No accurate data on the number of women that are forced to work as prostitutes in Africa is available. But in Europe, the figures are up to 400,000 women mostly from Africa that are into the trade.

In Ghana, a good a number of prostitutes are Nigerians, like the young woman you just heard. She was lured to Ghana together with others with such false promises and ended up on the streets of Tamale.

The alleged trafficker, Chioma Sabina Abaraonye has been transferred to the Accra for further interrogations and possible repatriation.

“They said they wanted help, so I brought them. And because of the transport and accommodation and food so me charging them is it a big deal”, Chioma asked.

Her Ghanaian accomplice is currently on the run and at the time of her arrest, there were more than 20 girls she was supervising over.

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