Wisa Greid - Lamiley: video, mp3, lyrics and facts

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Release Wisa Greid news, the song was officially published on YouTube on 16th November 2018. You can listen to the audio slide online.

Wisa Greid latest is available in audio forma only. This can be understood seeing that it is barely a week old. You can listen to the song once you download it. The video may be out or not, this depends on the artist’s preference. Nevertheless, those used to YouTube music, consider getting the audio slide as we await the official video, if any. Meanwhile enjoy the audio of one of the latest songs in Ghana.

Most of Wisa Greid music is of the afrobeat genre. This said, it is clear that this particular song is just the same. The only difference is that is fast tempo and will get you dancing because of its fine tunes.

Wisa Greid new song is neither long nor short. With a play time of under 4 minutes, 3:25 minutes to be specific, and the song is worth listening to as you will not get bored.

Just as is for all of Wisa Greid songs 2018, this particular track is recognized as a Black Avenue Music label song. Wisa sings for the label and as such all his songs are recognized or associated with the label as well.

As one of Wisa Greid latest songs that is anticipated to do rather well in the coming weeks, the production credits of this excellent job go to Chapter Beatz. He managed to make the song danceable by choosing a tempo that is fast and one that would make the lyrics sound great. In addition to this, Wisa is a respected musician and as such, the song is expected to attract some following because of him. The lyrics are also on point with some feeling that this could be a diss song directed to Medikal. It is interesting to see how the rapper will counter it, if at all he will.

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If you have listened to any of Wisa Greid tracks you probably know well that his lyrics are good. Lamiley lyrics are no different. You will definitely get yourself singing along, dancing or nodding in appreciation of the message. So, before you get to download Lamiley mp3 and have it on your phone, it is a great idea to have the lyrics so as to understand what you are singing.

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If you are interested in the Lamiley video you may have to settle for the audio slide that is available currently. You can access it on YouTube as one of the latest tracks by Wisa that is just a few days old. To get the audio slide, ensure that you use internet download manager or a reliable YouTube downloader. With these in place:

On YouTube: Wisa Greid – Lamiley (Audio Slide)

Have you had an experience with Wisa Greid albums or are you just getting to know the artist and explore this part of Ghana music? Not to worry though, Wisa has done an excellent job with this track that you will fall in love with music. I hope that you now know how to get Wisa Greid - Lamiley mp3 and are familiar with other details about the song. We would like to know what you think and feel about this dance song that is likely to be a hit especially in clubs. Listen to the song and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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