How to become rich singing rap in Ghana

BY SAMUEL APEA-DANQUAH - Nov 27, 2018 at 12:04pm 100

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Rap has been a fruitful endeavour for making many rich throughout the world. The reason why we call it a rap game is because it has rules and guidlines that if you follow with diligence, you can make a big chunk of money right here in Ghana. The rap game is a money making game. Here are 12 sure ways that you can use to make money through rapping in Ghana. They are guaranteed money earning methods that any rapper can use.

Our first piece of advice to you is not to just rap. It might sound opposite to the title of this article but it is a known fact that most rappers did not make their fortune out of selling CDs and digital music downloads only. It is important that you know this. Most rich rappers have diversified to do other things which may not be directly related to rap. Having a thriving rap career opens you up to thousands of dedicated fans and it is the number of fans you have that make your rap brand valuable. Think about building an empire.

Rappers like here in Ghana like Sarkodie have done same and are reaping the benefits daily. Sarkodie has a reported net worth of $7.5 million! He is a rich man, and that makes him one of the richest rappers in Africa and definitely amongst the richest musicians in Ghana 2018. But I can assure you that he did not make all that money from selling CDs only. He has other businesses.

The rap industry in Ghana is a game and Sarkodie is on of the people playing it really well. So think beyond just rap. Think of building an empire that will last and you will be on your way to making a lot of money through rap. Having an understanding of the rap industry is the basis of making it big in the rap game.

If you want to be a sought after rapper then you have to stay relevant to your audience. Lets face it, there is a lot of competition for rappers nowadays so if you are not rapping some tight bars then be prepared to be forgotten and that will leave you with no fans and no followers. Focus on your followers and fans because they are the ones that make you popular and well known in the country and with popularity comes opportunities to make money.

If you do not diversify your rap style to suit modern trends then you will fade away from the public eye and not many people will even want to listen to your music and that is bad for business. Rap about issues that people can relate to if you want to stay relevant. Always talking about sex and women will not keep you up there for long. Use your rap skills to speak on everyday issues.

Big deals like sponsorships and endorsement deals come to rappers or Ghanaian music artiste with a vibrant and large following. You must also be a role model to the youth to be able to partner with big companies so make sure your lyrics make sense and do not promote violence, ethnic rivalry, nudity etc.

A rapper like Manifest has stayed relevant with a lot of songs which the general public can relate with. He touches on corruption, politics, spirituality and other topics which are relevant to Ghanaians. Make the money Ghana way by being relevant.

The Ghanaian market is a very interesting one. In order to make money from rap you need to know the market very well. What kind of music are people looking for? Does it fit your style? If not then you might have to make some adjustments.

You may like to rap to classical music but the section of the Ghanaian public that like classical music is very low so you already know that you might not be a big hit and make a lot of money from that even though its your style. Learn to adapt but still be you in a special way. The Ghanaian market is in love with the likes of Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Kwame Eugene, Joe Mettle etc. You will notice the different genres that these artiste are comfortable with. These are the types of songs that the Ghanaian public love so get in the flow if you want to make some money as a rapper.

Over the years there has been an increase in Ghanaians consuming Ghanaian content. This includes movies, songs and even books. One of the ways that you can make money as an artiste in Ghana is to create songs specifically for movies. Getting to know people within the movie and entertainment industry and other places that rely on music can earn you a lot of money.

Popular Ghanaian movies like A Sting in a Tale by Shirley Frimpong Manso won best soundtrack for the music in the movie. You can earn a commission of the sales from any movie that you feature on or some may buy the rights to the song from you. Which ever way you choose make sure that it is in your best interest.

Writing for other rappers to perform is what is termed as ghost writing. Some rappers have a gift for performing but are not very talented when it comes to writing catchy and thought provoking lyrics so they hire the services of a ghost writer. Some of these ghost writers prefer to be unknown whiles others gladly acknowledge their ghost writing skills. Ghost writing isn't something new as it has been done for decades. A lot of popular songs known the world over were ghost written.

Ghost writing is one sure way of making money as a rapper if you are talented with writing words.

The heart of making money is to produce something that people want and sell it to them. This basic principle of economics also works in the music industry. Produce an album filled with songs that people like and sell it to them. Simple right? When new music is launched it always has a similar trend. Popularity is high at the pre-launch and launch period and then after some time, as the popularity and the freshness of the song die out then so does the sales. You can see the popularity trend in Shatta Wale’s reign album here;

As you can see many people have heard the songs and so it starts to die down in terms of popularity. If you want to make some really good money from selling your albums or music then invest in making the launch a huge success. Take advantage of online music sales portals like Apple itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon etc to make sales digitally. Ghanaians in the diaspora are very accustomed to this method of getting new music. You can sign up on DistroKid to have you music distributed to all digital stores on your behalf.

The most popular way that musicians make money in Ghana is through shows. Charging your fans a fee to get into a venue where you perform your songs for about 30 minutes to an hour is a real money maker. This method is still very popular all over the world because people want to associate with you physically. Once they have been inspired and entertained by your music they will do anything to come and see you perform live. Make your shows exciting and unforgettable. People pay good money to come for your shows so always make sure you leave them talking about your show for days. This is a good way to build fan loyalty as well.

If you do not have enough fans to organise a big show, you can always perform at live bars and smaller programs where you may not be headlining. No begging in is too small. It also wasn't an easy beginning for Shatta Wale but he managed to make it at the end. You can also make it big but you have to start from somewhere.

Tours are a way of taking your shows to your fans. With time, you will get to know which areas of the country have accepted your music. You can organise a tour of all these areas. Fans will buy tickets at the event or they can even preorder online. Artiste make a lot of money on tour and they normally go on tour when they release a new album or song and people want to hear them perform it. Plan your tour very well if you want to reap the benefits. You could tour a city, region, country a continent or even the world! It all depends on who wants to see you perform your songs live. Popular American Rapper, Drake, earned up to $84.3 million over 56 shows in 38 cities between July 20 and October 8. That's phenomenal.

People that admire you as an artiste would like to dress like you as well so make sure you have shirts, caps, socks, etc with your brand on it. Sell it to your fans and with the right amount of branding and advertising, you can make a lot of money through rapping. Make sure that your merchandise is of top quality so your fans can be comfortable in your shirts.

Investments that are good always payoff. A lot of artist spend most of the money the make from shows, music sales and adverts on frivolous living. Many artist have gone broke by spending their money on girls and partying. Don’t be like that, be a wise rapper and spend your money on investment in other companies. Buy treasury bills, own shares in major companies and other investment modules that will make you richer with time. Artist like P Diddy has a clothing line called Sean John. Its value is about $200 million. On the local front, popular rapper, D-Black, is said to own an event company, advertising firm, a recording studio and a night club. Those are some solid investments.

Use your celebrity status to endorse brands that you like and get paid for it. Okyame Kwame for example has been a brand ambassador for GT Bank, Canadian Government, made in Ghana and Climate change. These deals are very lucrative and require you to meet certain moral standards. You must also have enough time to promote the cause to which you have been made an ambassador. Shatta Wale is an ambassador for Storm energy drink by Kasapreko and through that he has a good deal with them. You can also star in adverts like the way Manifest featured in the famous Adidas Terrex advert.

This is one of the most important and best ways of making money as a rapper in Ghana. A royalty is an amount of money that is paid to you for your intellectual property in perpetuity. What most rappers do is that as long as you are going to use their beat and lyrics to promote a product for example. Then the product will pay them on every sale it makes. Big artiste take advantage of their statuses and claim large royalties.

Ghana has an official royalties agency called the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO). They serve as a Collective Management society for musicians in Ghana and are responsible for collecting and distributing royalties and levies to musicians for the use of their intellectual property by the public. You should think about signing up if you want to benefit from your music. Some payments amounting to GHC 2,224,000 were made by GHAMRO to musicians in Ghana. We hope they can make rich musicians in Ghana through the royalty system.

The Last but not the least is acting. Rapping is an art form, and so is acting. So its no surprise that popular international artiste like Ludacris who starred in the Fast and the Furious series are making it big in the acting industry. Rappers have turned out to be good actors. Ghanaian rappers and musicians have also towed this road by appearing in movies and TV shows as guests. Ghanaian born UK rapper, Michael Dapaah is known for his comedy rap skits but he also has a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. He is one of the rich youtubers around. He also has a list of videos which are making some good money for him.

So these are some solid ways that you can actually make some money are a rapper in Ghana. But one thing to note is that you can't replace talent with anything else. Work on your skill and become sought after and then a lot of opportunities can open up for you. I hope you liked this article on how to become rich by rapping in Ghana. Leave a comment bellow and feel free to share this with other rappers who need to make some good money.