There is no FELLA 18-18 plate - DVLA sources reportedly exposes Medikal and Fella over new Audi car

BY SAMUEL APEA-DANQUAH - Nov 27, 2018 at 12:02pm 100

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The men forced off the customised 'FELLA-1-18' number plate from the car and placed it in front of the glass door of Fella's wine shop.

Photo source: Supplied

They also took away an unregistered black Range Rover which Fella has recently been driving and had been reportedly given to her by Medikal.

The the talk accompanying the footage suggested that they were taking the action because of Fella's relationship with the Medikal leading to many trolls come at the couple.

In a viral video, Fella could be seen acting surprised as Medikal popped a champagne before handing over a black Audi A8 with the licence plate FELLA 18-18.

Hours after the video, new reports emerging indicate that the whole video may have been faked as the said licence plate seems not to exist.

In the cheekiest way possible, Medikal took Instagram promising to buy a second-hand private bet for Fella.