Ghanaians urged to uphold malaria prevention measures

BY SAMUEL APEA-DANQUAH - Nov 26, 2018 at 8:07pm 100

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By Iddi Yire, GNA 

Accra, Nov 26, GNA - Mr Peter Courtney, Head of Trade at the British High Commission, has urged Ghanaians to uphold malaria prevention measures.

He noted that a malaria control method that targeted mosquito larvae as they matured in stagnant water could be an effective measure in the fight against the disease.

He said improper disposal of empty plastic bottles and coconut shells also provided breeding place for mosquitoes, which later transmitted the plasmodium parasites, which causes malaria; hence there was the need for attitudinal change in fighting head-on the menace.

Mr Courtney made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the sideline of launch of ‘Protec Active Mosquito Repellent Spray’, manufactured by ACP Solutions Limited and distributed by Frontedge Healthcare Ventures.

ACP Solutions Ltd and Frontedge Healthcare supports the World Health Organisation (WHO) message, that protection against malaria, rather than treatment of the disease, was the key to reducing the impact of malaria.

WHO recommends that the local population should sleep under inseticide-treated mosquito nets at night and use insecticidal wall sprays if appropriate.

Mr Courtney said the Active Mosquito Repellent Spray was non-toxic and as well safe for use on adults, children and infants of all ages.

He underscored the need for an effective approach to ensure that people were protected from malaria.

Madam Lynda Platts, Director of ACP Solutions Ltd, said there were also major financial consequences for a country where malaria was endemic; as it was projected that malaria was estimated to cost Ghana $6.6billion in 2015.

She said the burden to the health service was huge, whereas, 30 per cent of all outpatient visits were malarial related and 27.9 per cent of all hospital admissions were for malaria, adding that “that is almost one in three beds that are taken by malarial patients”.

Madam Platts pointed out that the goals and objectives of ACP and Frontedge Healthcare Ventures were to help get the message out that; prevention was the key; disease treatment should be the final resort.

“To encourage every Ghanaian family to protect themselves other than when they are in bed using their bed nets, and that they should use a safe and effective insect repellent – especially on their children – as a regular part of their daily/evening routine,” she added.

Dr Sam Owiredu-Yeboa, Chief Executive Officer, Frontedge Healthcare Ventures also told the GNA that malaria prevention was critical in the sense that, keeping good environment and avoiding the breed of mosquitoes was key.

He said in an unlikely event where mosquitoes bred, then another stage would be trying to avoid being beaten by the mosquitoes and this was where a number of interventions such as use of insecticide treated nets and use of repellents sets in.

Mr Owiredu-Yeboa noted that Active Mosquito Repellent Spray contained an active ingredient called IR3535®.

He said this had been proven to be safe and efficacious when tested by the WHO, and was one of the three insect repellents that the WHO recommended as an effective protection against mosquitoes.

He said Frontedge Health recounted that in terms of distribution their focus was in Accra, but was hopeful they would expand to other regions, over time; stating that “we are also thinking of repackaging the product here in Ghana, to create employment".