The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO), has carried out a vaccination exercise for students and staff of Kumasi Academy, KUMACA at Asokre Mampong in the Ashanti Region. This is expected to improve their immunity against viral infections at least in the next one year.

About three thousand people made up of students, teaching and non-teaching staff including some Journalists who have been exposed to the viral infection after coming into contact with the school’s environment also received doses of the vaccine.

The inoculation is against the Type ‘A’ H1N1 viral infection detected to be the cause of a recent widespread infection at KUMACA leading to the death of four of the students, with more than 50 others hospitalized.

The vaccination was supervised by the Ashanti Regional Director of Health, Dr. Emmanuel Tenkorang.

The Headmaster of KUMACA, Reverend Osei Owusu was the first to undergo the inoculation with the aim of encouraging the students to avail themselves for the immune-boosting exercise.

The health authorities ensured that the exercise was undertaken before the school vacates for the Christmas Holidays beginning from Friday (Dec.22).

In an interview, the Ashanti Regional Director of Health, Dr. Emmanuel Tenkorang, noted that the students were also educated on the possible mild side effects of the vaccines such as headache, later pains at where the vaccine was administered and feverishness.

Tenkorang noted that a risk communication strategy and a surveillance system have been instituted for the Asokore Mampong community within which KUMACA is located to enable the residents take preventive measures against any infection.

These measures will empower the people also to report promptly to the nearest healthcare facility upon the realization of any symptom of an infection.

He asked Ghanaians in general to always observe the etiquette of covering the mouth and nose anytime they are coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose of yawning since some of the diseases are transferred through droplets and air.