Milan have confirmed that they want Kaka to return to the club. “He can be very important… he has a very important decision to make.”

Fassone revealed on Tuesday that Kaka could re-join Milan in a non-playing capacity, and a Press review on the Rossoneri’s official website added to the clamour for the Brazilian.

“After Kaka’s visit to Casa Milan and his meeting with Marco Fassone last November, the Rossoneri board still hasn’t got back to addressing this matter, which is very close to the hearts of our fans,” it read.

“Before Milan-Austria Vienna, Ricky still hadn’t announced his farewell to football, which only happened a few days ago.

“Kaka can be very important, not just as a ‘bandiera’ for the club but above all as a figure of importance for the project and structure of Milan in the coming years.

“He has a very important decision to make.”

Source: Italiafootball