A South Florida man who invited two other men over to have sex with him as Hurricane Irma pummelled the state, was killed by one of them, police said.

Ariel Fleitas Gonzalez, 50, was murdered on Sept. 10 in his Hollywood, Fla., home after inviting the duo to have sex with him – one of whom has been arrested, while the other is still at large, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Three days after the killing, a neighbor concerned he hadn’t seen Gonzalez since before the Category Four storm called police to the Chatham Terrace apartments which were still without power.

Blood splatter and drag marks led officers to a closet, where they found the victim’s body decomposing and wrapped in a comforter and shrink wrap.

Neighbors said they saw two men, one who wore a long blond wig, coming in and out of Gonzalez’s apartment the day of the killing, and identified one as Travis Emanuel Watson, who police say is homeless.

Watson, 30, told detectives the consensual sexual encounter between him, a man he called his husband and the victim turned into a robbery when he punched Gonzalez in the face, demanded money and stole his wallet.

His partner then “tortured,” Gonzalez, beating him to death with a hanger, broomstick and power cord and binding his hands behind his back with a sheet, and later a belt. Watson said he tried to stop the assault once his partner poured hot grease on the victim.

The two men realized Gonzalez was dead when they saw his tongue was purple and tried to wash away the evidence and conceal the body, before leaving the apartment two days later, Watson said.

He was arrested in Fort Lauderdale days later for suspicion of possessing marijuana and holding an open container of alcohol, and detectives discovered a card with Gonzalez’s name in his wallet.

Hollywood detectives then also arrested him for suspicion of committing robbery without a weapon, kidnapping to commit or facilitate the robbery and not reporting Gonzalez’s death.

Judge Michael Davis ordered Watson held without bond on the kidnapping charge at a Sept. 28 hearing.

He was released from state prison on June 1 after a 2004 conviction for grand theft of a firearm, armed robbery and other offenses, according to Assistant State Attorney Eric Linder.

His partner is still being sought by Hollywood police.

Source: nypost.com