The Takoradi Port in the Western Region has received its first largest vessel since it was established in 1928.

The ongoing construction of a bulk jetty made the feat possible.

The Public Affairs and Marketing Manager of the Takoradi Port, Peter Armoo Bediako, said due to the first 200 metres of the intended 800metres of the Bulk jetty constructed, the Takoradi Port has been able to berth 2 large vessels namely M.V. Josco Fuzhou which is 197metres and M.V. Iris Oldendorf which is 200 metres.

Prior to the port expansion project, vessels that come to the port could only load goods of 35,000 tonnes but now vessels can take goods up to 150,000 tonnes.

Mr Bediako said M.V. Iris Oldendorf is loading bauxite weighing 63,000metric tonnes for China.

He said the expansion project which began in November 2014 and expected to be completed by the end of 2018 will allow for more cargo to be loaded both for imports and exports.

“It will allow for bigger vessels to call the port, it will allow for more cargo to be loaded and that more import of bulk or clinker will be brought into the country, more bauxite and manganese could be loaded, more quick lime can be brought into the country, it will impact positively in our revenue stream not only for GPHA but also for Ghana as a whole,” he said.

He said the project, when completed, will make the Takoradi Port the most deep drafted port in the sub-region saying it will come with a conveyor belt system.