I am not sure how many times I've had good news and kept it to myself because I've always been the kind of person to be paranoid about people not actually wanting you to succeed but never really acting that way when they're with you.

And more often than not, we grow up hearing and believing the same things. Not everyone will be on your side, not everyone clapping in the audience is truthfully cheering you on.

[contextly_sidebar id="QBVHjTQ7wRJWUlApHYqd8OeEHa5FjnnK"]And society has done a good job in making it hang around our necks, almost choking us; simply because not everyone in our friendship circle is happy about our happiness.

There's not much praise for those who actually share our joy sincerely. So heavy is the cloud of negativity on the subject that even the good ones find themselves lost in it.

But this isn't right. True victory marchers still exist. People who go all out for other people still exist. Whether they live next door or are a phone call away or continents apart- there's no denying their existence, their honest fire.

If there lives a man who desires to see you fall, then more so certainly there lives another who desires to see you rise, and will help you on your feet without hesitation.
It's sad to see the world brush dark colours on things meant to shine and keep us all chained in our joy because who can we find to share it with? And who amongst these will honestly be glad about our triumphs?

Jealousy has always had a toxic nature to me. You consume bits and bits of it until you're swallowing it whole.

But what you never know is that the hunger for the fall of others never leaves you satisfied.

It eats you up from the inside and in the end, compromises everything that once screamed loyalty within you.

Simply because we have unanswered prayers waiting on the line while someone else jubilates over their answered request. Simply because we are climbing the same mountain but suddenly they are ahead of us and it shouldn't be so.

But what makes it right when it's you and not someone else?
I hope we are able to let go of the reigns we've pulled tightly around our hearts and teach ourselves to root for others when they are winning.

When they win, they win. If there's ever a moment the feeling of losing to them strikes within you, then this was never about them in the first place. It was about a race you started with yourself but never really won.

But it isn't always about you.
It's human to wish to be in their place. But it's also human to say "I'll stand by you and watch as you say your vows. I may not catch the bouquet this time, but seeing you happy is a victory I'd love to be a part of"

By: Tryphena Lizzert Yeboah